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INFORMATION / Introduction

The IHF Education Centre is the service platform for the global training of handball’s most important target groups!

In the IHF Education Centre, coaches, referees, players, delegates and teachers find a wide range of practical contents for personal training in their specific fields of activity.

In addition to that, the Beach Handball section provides interested users with information on rules, techniques, defence and attacking tactics and training methods related to the outdoor version of handball.

At the same time, this innovative information platform will both contribute to a targeted international knowledge transfer and actively support training measures of IHF Member Federations.

The IHF Education Centre is a video-based platform. Content will be provided with innovative media (videos, animations, learning modules) and optimised for different digital terminals (smartphones, tablet PCs).

Content directed at the different target groups as well as initial online seminars will be provided step by step.

In the Announcements section, we will regularly inform you about recent developments and new information in the IHF Education Centre.

Our introductory film offers an overview of all content sections of the IHF Education Centre.

Video Library

The Video Library is a collection of all video material available in the IHF Education Centre. Users, be they coaches, referees, players or delegates, can get a quick overview, browse through the variety of video content or target specific video clips.

Coaches’ View

The Coaches’ View section is an additional feature of the Education Centre’s Video Library, providing in-depth analysis (slow motion, stills etc.) of videos taken during IHF events that contain both interesting tactical attacking and defence behaviour and comments by IHF analysts.