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IHF President


The IHF Education Centre is a modern instrument for a targeted international development of handball!

The International Handball Federation currently has 209 Member Federations. Our goal is to see handball played in every corner of the world. Therefore, many tailored projects and modern technology are used to reach this goal.

We are well aware that education and training are the focal points in the development of handball worldwide. In order to bring you closer and reduce distances, the IHF is launching the Education Centre, a new digital service platform for the training and improvement of players, coaches, referees, teachers, officials and delegates worldwide.

In the coming development phases of the IHF Education Centre, we will present to you, step by step, attractive contents by means of innovative media (such as videos, animations, e-learning modules and online seminars), which you may access from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Those of you who are working as a coach may even use many of the contents in your daily coaching activities!

“Learning from the best” – that is the motto we are fully committed to. Therefore, the new IHF Education Centre will allow for a modern and international transfer of knowledge. The IHF Education Centre will help us develop our sport further and make handball even more attractive in the future.

Dr Hassan Moustafa
President of the International Handball Federation