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Live Seminars: IHF Children’s Handball Symposium

With its motto „Everything you need to start playing handball now“, the IHF Children’s Handball Symposium will take place from 4 to 28 May 2021, and each Tuesday and Friday, an IHF Handball at School Lecturer will give a practice-oriented webinar on topics concerning children’s handball. As a surprise, you can look forward to the challenge of the “Ambassadors” for children.

The IHF Children’s Handball Symposium will see a total of eight live webinars, which are open for everyone (coaches, referees, delegates, PE teachers, parents, and children).

Did you miss the live sessions or do you want to re-watch a webinar? No Problem! Recordings of all presentations are available in the Library section of the IHF Virtual Academy.

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Upcoming Online Seminars

No Upcoming Seminars Available

Previous Online Seminars

Next Steps in Handball: After the Pandemic – Panel discussion By: Dr Hapkova, Dr Lasierra, Mr Rot, Dr Taha Alshehab (IHF H@S Working Group Members)
Date 28/05/2021
Materials Not Available
Teaching in the Real World By: Craig Rot (IHF H@S WG, IHF Lecturer)
Date 25/05/2021
Materials Not Available