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Egypt 2021 - Today’s top handball is clearly attack-oriented!

IHF Game Analysis Team (Paul Landuré, Jorge Dueñas, Jochen Beppler, Dietrich Späte). Editorial coordinator: Dietrich Späte


The 27th IHF Men’s World Championship in Egypt was a challenge for the International Handball Federation (IHF) – in every way there is. From the beginning on, two championships had to be staged: one against the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and then the very first IHF World Championship featuring 32 teams (instead of 24).

The difficulty in this was that for both of these challenges, there was little direct, handball-specific prior experience. In addition, this World Championship was the first major sporting event in the 2021 international competition calendar held under the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the attention of many sports federations and, of course, the IOC was particularly focused on how competitive sports could be conducted safely and successfully for all stakeholders involved in times of pandemic.

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