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Attack without goalkeeper – more actions, less success!

Overall analysis of all offensive actions in empty-goal situations of the 102 matches of the 2021 Men’s World Championship in Egypt. By Dietrich Späte (IHF CCM Chairman)


As with all IHF events in recent years, together with IHF partner Swiss Timing (www.swisstiming.com), we have carried out a comprehensive and detailed analysis of attacks without goalkeeper of all 102 matches of the Men’s World Championship in Egypt.

Apart from the different substitutions during a match (goalkeeper-court player, court player-court player, goalkeeper-goalkeeper), we focused on frequency, time, and outcome of the different empty-goal situations. In this analysis, the following three game situations are differentiated:

– Offensive actions playing seven against six
– Offensive actions playing six against six (after substituting the goalkeeper for a court player during a two-minute suspension)
– Other offensive actions after substituting the goalkeeper for a court player (e.g., in situations when both teams have to play with five court players due to two-minutes suspensions: this results in six vs. five for the team in possession after substituting the goalkeeper)