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Mikkel Hansen – Impact of the Player of the Match

By Paul Landuré, IHF CCM Member and Analyst

Mikkel HANSEN scored 14 goals in the decisive DEN-NOR match, the last match of the preliminary round group C. He was the player of the match, which is decisive for the first place in the group! Hansen played an important role during this match won by Denmark 30:26 (17:14 / 13:12). His statistics are very clear during the 57 minutes he spent on the court. He scored 14 goals out of 18 shots as follows:

  • 5 goals out of 5 attempts from seven metres
  • Breakthroughs: 2/2
  • Nine-metre shots: 6/10
  • Six-metre shots: 1/1

Having been rather discreet during the first part of the competition, Hansen showed his class in the DEN-NOR match and influenced the course and result of the match. Hansen has the complete repertoire of the back-court position. His characteristic speed of action in shooting situations remains exceptional and gives him a certain advantage in duels. In recent years, Hansen has further expanded his technical and tactical repertoire and has mastered duel situations; he has also become an excellent shooting specialist from the seven-metre line, where his efficiency remains quite remarkable.


Video 1: High-quality assists

Fast, precise, efficient – these are the qualities that characterise Hansen’s passes, including the decisive pass, which often put the wing and/or line players in a very favourable shooting situation. Defenders have a lot of trouble when trying to control Hansen and deflect his passes. The line player often receives the ball in a free space which allows him to anticipate his movement towards the goal.

Video link: https://dartfi.sh/T77S1qvrvq9


Video 2: Shooting situations – The best of Mikkel Hansen

Hansen mostly plays at left back, but it is not uncommon for him to play at centre and right back as well. He often plays a decisive start with the ball in his hand, and he does not need a lot of space to create a shooting situation or play a decisive pass. Hansen’s most impressive quality is the incredible speed of movement with two or three steps and the explosiveness of the shot combined with the precision of the shots’ impact. His shots are always “explosive”: it is very difficult for the defence to anticipate any movement. It is also difficult for the goalkeepers to analyse Hansen’s shots on time.

Video link: https://dartfi.sh/BxCvswh6Gyh


Video 3: The art of seven-metre throws

Hansen always manages to surprise in the duel against the well-known and talented goalkeepers that he manages to beat almost every time he steps up. Hansen has a wide repertoire of shot variations, and his shots often follow several high-speed feints which destabilise even the best goalkeepers.

Video link: https://dartfi.sh/bH2frlQbPlk