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Sign up for the 2017 IHF Coaches Symposium!


Since the previous IHF Coaches Symposium during the 2015 Men’s World Championship in Qatar was an outstanding success, the IHF, together with the French Handball Federation (FFHB), wants to repeat the event!

From 11 to 14 January 2017, coaches from all over the world will gather in Serris, Val d’Europe for the next IHF Coaches Symposium on the occasion of the 2017 Men’s World Championship in France, taking place from 11 to 29 January 2017. Amongst others, the following topics will be presented during the four-day seminar (all lectures will be available in French and English):

Analysis of the effectiveness of the new rules (since 1 July 2016): both in theory and practice, important contents resulting from the rule changes are methodically reviewed (amongst others, the substitution of the goalkeeper in favour of another court player, passive play, duels in the pivot zone etc.)

High-speed play in all phases of our game: for the first time, one of the key trends in international handball is worked out methodically for both junior and top training

Presentation of the French Handball School


Well-known coaches such as Staffan Olson, Michael Biegler, Henk Groener and Lim Young Chul will present their view on different tactics and techniques.

In order to participate in the symposium, coaches are obliged to register under the symposium's official website: http://symposium2017.ff-handball.org/. Within 15 days from submitting the online registration form, the participation fee in the amount of EUR 450.- is to be paid. Only after sending the online registration form and paying the participation fee, the local organiser will accept the registration for the 2017 IHF Coaches Symposium.

The participation fee includes the following:

Course costs

Access to the opening ceremony of the 2017 Men’s World Championship in France

Access to the following games: France-Brazil (11 January 2017), Sweden-Bahrain and Denmark-Argentina (13 January 2017)

Finger buffet on 12 January 2017


For further questions or concerns regarding the IHF Coaches Symposium, please contact Ms Aurélie GUILLAUMAT (a.guillaumat@handball-france.eu, + 33 (0) 1 46 15 03 60) or visit the official website.


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