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How Do the Teams Benefit from the New Rules?


Analysis of the 2016 Olympic Games Handball Tournament in Rio

The new rules in place since 1 July 2016 allow for new tactical opportunities for both coaches and players. A particular focus lies on:

  • 7-against-6 play after substituting the goalkeeper
  • Attacking and defence behaviour after the forewarning signal for passive play has been shown (only 6 passes left)


First analysis provided by the IHF analysis teams will be available in detail after the Olympic Games Handball Tournament in IHF Education Centre’s Tactics School. There you will find recent examples related to the following topics from last year’s IHF World Championships:

  • Coaches/Tactics School: New Rules of the Game 2016 – The Revival of Free-throw Tactics! (2015 Men’s Youth World Championship in Russia)
  • Coaches/Tactics School: 7 against 6 – New Opportunities! (2015 Men’s Youth World Championship in Russia)


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