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Coming up Soon – The IHF Education Centre Presents IHF Online Seminars!

In order to actively support the education of important target groups in handball, the IHF Education Centre offers regular IHF online seminars of around 30 minutes. The IHF online seminars are intended to support the teaching and learning processes in the education of coaches, referees, teachers and delegates via various digital media. Of course, everybody else who is interested in handball can take part in an IHF online seminar as well.

The seminars are divided into different learning stages. A speaker presents a topic by means of varied attractive media (videos, graphics, animations).
After the online seminar has come to an end, the users can test their knowledge in an interactive way to receive direct feedback on the content they just learned. All online seminars support different ways of communication such as a chat option. After the seminar, the users have the opportunity to directly exchange views with the speaker, ask additional questions or discuss the different topics with other online seminar participants.
Users who would like to take part in an IHF online seminar need to register in advance.

The users will be provided with the corresponding course documents in various forms (PDF documents, videos).

After an online seminar has been held, it will be archived in the corresponding sections. Thus, everybody who is interested can watch the online seminar as often as they want after its first presentation.

The topics of the first seminars are based on the basic education of different target groups. The first topics are announced below:

  • Online Seminars for Coaches/Teacher
    Methodical Way to Introduce Handball for Beginners Different parts

    By Klaus Feldmann (IHF Lecturer)

  • Online Seminar for Referees
    Attacker Faults – Basic Knowledge, Observation and Decision-making Criteria, Video Examples
    IHF Guidelines for referee training

    By Ramon Gallego (IHF PRC Member)

  • Online Seminar for Delegates
    General Tasks Before, During and After a Game (Part 1)
    Overview, Time schedule, Cooperation with referees/ teams

    By Bjarne Munk Jensen (IHF PRC Member)

Upcoming Online Seminars

No Upcoming Seminars Available

Previous Online Seminars

Introduction to Beach Handball (Part 1) By: Fernando Posada (Member IHF Beach Handball Working Group)
Date: 01/07/2017
Materials: Not Available
General Tasks before, during and after a Game (Part 1) By: Bjarne Munk Jensen (Member IHF PRC)
Date: 03/06/2017
Materials: Not Available
Date: 06/05/2017
Materials: Not Available
Learning to Play in Man-to-man Defence (Part 1) By: Klaus Feldmann (IHF Lecturer)
Date: 08/04/2017
Materials: Not Available
Basic Training (Part 1) – Active Defence By: Dietrich Späte (Chairman IHF CCM)
Date: 25/03/2017
Materials: Not Available