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New education possibilities in handball

Coaches, players, referees, delegates, teachers – no matter how you come into contact with handball, the new IHF online seminars are designed to provide useful tips and information for personal development and training. The topics and contents of the seminars are usually tailored to specific target groups. In addition, they offer valuable background information to all those interested in handball.

Each online seminar is divided into 4 to 5 lessons. Depending on their personal time requirements, users can view the respective seminar step by step over a longer period of time.

After completing all lessons of a seminar, users can take our Seminar Test to review or immediately apply their new knowledge.

In the Seminar Materials section, users will also find various additional information and media on the seminar topic.

All our seminars are presented by IHF Commission Members, IHF lecturers and selected IHF experts. At a given point in time, a Live Chat will be available for users to ask questions and share their views with our expert and other seminar participants.

The online seminars are free of charge and freely accessible for everyone. Users will only have to register on the Education Centre website. All seminars will be archived in the IHF Education Centre. This way they can be used as often as desired.

The first seminars will be presented in English. However, we are also planning to provide additional languages such as German, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Just like the IHF Education Centre website, all our online seminars are designed for use on mobile devices and can be accessed on the go from tablets or smartphones.