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Surprise shots using the wrist

By Jorge Dueñas, IHF CCM Member

Shots are the culmination of attacking actions which is why their training is decisive. However, the goalkeepers study the shooters and train with their defence to take responsibility for protecting an area of ​​the goal. This type of cooperation between defenders and goalkeepers is continuously increasing, which is why it is important that the shooters do not only take shots with power but also that they do not just shoot in a straight line.

When taking a shot, it should not be visible where the ball is aimed at. The goalkeepers can anticipate where the ball will be going if the defenders are placed in front of the shooter and with their arms raised.

The following videos feature some examples of shots by Korea’s players, who are not very tall and need other resources. For example, until the ball leaves their hand, they use their wrists to prevent the goalkeeper from seeing where the ball will be going.


Video 1: Kyong Song RI (number 2, KOR) – Hiding the shot (KOR-GER)

The Korean player approaches the defender, who acts very statically at the seven-metre line. The attacker takes a shot with a middle arm, making it difficult for the very tall defender to clearly identify where the ball will come out and block it. The goalkeeper cannot see where the ball comes from, and Korea’s attacker is able to cross the ball with a wrist action.

Video link: https://dartfi.sh/MNbn0dHMFb3


Video 2: Tan KAN (number 20, KOR) – Changing the shot’s path (KOR-GER)

Long trajectory of Korea’s number 20, who before the frontal situation of the German defender is able to shoot crossing the ball. Observe how the goalkeeper anticipates a straight shot and acts towards that area. The blow of the wrist of the Korean shooter surprises the defender and goalkeeper.

Video link: https://dartfi.sh/CPSzZMjRN1e


Video 3: Tan KAN (number 20, KOR) – Changing the shot’s path in close contact with the defender (KOR-RUS)

Situation similar to VIDEO 2. Long trajectory of player No. 20 of Korea. The Russian defender closes the path and places the arms to help the goalkeeper to the possible straight shot. The shooter manages to overcome the defender's arms and cross the shot with a wrist hit that the goalkeeper cannot see due to the proximity between the defender and the shooter.

Video link: https://dartfi.sh/BMNdJbIWhQg


Video 4: Jeongu KANG (number 34, KOR) – Changing the body’s position to shoot (KOR-GER)

Player No. 34 of Korea receives the ball running and the German defender faces him. Korean shooter changes the position of the body to his left and overcomes the frontal opposition of the defender. The goalkeeper senses that the shot will be located on his right side but the shooter changes the throwing path to the left side of the goalkeeper.

Video link: https://dartfi.sh/gfOsmK1pfW7


Video 5: Jeongu KANG (number 34, KOR) – Changing the body’s position to take a jump shoot (KOR-GER)

Action similar to video 4. The variation is that the No. 34 shooter receives the ball on the left and makes the jump throw. Important as shooter overcomes the blocking action of the arms of the Russian defender.

Video link: https://dartfi.sh/hUwewPq69Zj