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World handball in transition – General analysis of the 2017 World Championship in France

IHF Game Analysis Team (Paul Landuré, Klaus Feldmann, Zoltan Marczinka, Dietrich Späte); Editorial coordinator: Dietrich Späte


The following overall analysis of the 25th World Handball Championship in France should be considered and evaluated against the background of long-term development trends in handball. These are as follows:

  • Individual player profiles: More variable repertoire of techniques and tactics (throwing and passing variations, 1-on-1 situations, cooperative play).
  • Defence tactics: Flexible, active defence strategies.
  • Fast-paced play: Consistent fast-paced play in all phases of play with tactical changes of rhythm.
  • Attacking tactics: Variable tactical concepts of play with flexible adaptation to the opponent’s behaviour.

First, quantitative analyses will allow evaluating these development trends by using the official statistics of the handball matches. The results obtained at the 2017 World Handball Championship in France will be classified in line with the results of the 6 world championships held in the last 10 years (2007 to 2017).