Klaus Feldmann

IHF Lecturer

full name:

Klaus Feldmann







Mozartstr. 10 E

D-64347 Griesheim










Fon: +49 / 6155 / 8171418

Mobile: +49 / 172 / 6920515

Internet: www.Handball-Akademie.de

E-Mail: Klaus.Feldmann@Handball-Akademie.de

education and professional training:



M.A. Sports and Social sciences from the Technical University of Darmstadt (1992)

degree “A“ coach-licence in Handball from the            German Handball Federation (1988)


activities and experience:


Handball-coach up to 2. Bundesliga


writer and member of the editorial staff of the german 'handballtraining'-magazine


lecturer of  the German Olympic Sports Federation 


lecturer of  the European Handball Federation


lecturer of  the International Handball Federation